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We’re looking forward to hearing your responses to our questions about pet care!

When filling out the form, please note that it must be completed in one session and submitted once. Please look it over before starting and consider how to answer the open-ended questions, and if you have time to complete it in one sitting. After submitting, you should see the message “Thank you for your message. It has been sent.” with a green box.

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    Please list two references with phone numbers (other than relatives) who are familiar with your pet care skills

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    You'll need a reliable vehicle that isn't shared with anyone

    Tell us about your pets

    We would like to have you answer a few questions based on situations that a pet sitter might encounter with a client pet. Please review the questions and provide us with your best answer or choose the answer that you feel is best. We understand that each situation can be unique based on the type of pet or environment, but this is just a general overview of some pet sitting situations.

    How would you respond to a shy dog who seems to be afraid of you and may be growling or whining?*
    Approach dog quietly and attempt to pet her to show I am friendly.Ignore the dog and go on about the job tasks.Talk in a high-pitched voice while calling the dog to me.

    If you noticed the dog(s) had gotten into the trash what would you do?

    If you are walking a dog and you notice another person approaching with dogs who are excited or aggressive, what would you do?*
    Approach slowly and let the dogs greet each other.Stop and talk to the owner about how cute her dogs are.Stand aside and allow them to pass by.Place your dog on the other side so you are between your dog and the approaching dogs.Choose a different route before they get to you.

    How would you enter and exit a client's home to make sure a dog or cat would not escape?

    If you were taking care of a cat and found that the litterbox had not been used, what would you do?

    How far are you willing and able to walk each day?*
    1 to 2 miles2 to 3 milesI have unlimited energy and can walk marathons!Walk is a 4-letter word. I am not willing to walk dogs.

    Which pets are you willing to take care of?*
    Choose all that apply

    How do you feel about Pit Bulls and Rottweilers*
    They can be somewhat scary.I won't go near them.I am fine as long as I meet them first and they like me.They are love bugs.

    Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure, non-solicitation agreement indicating you will not disclose company practices nor solicit clients to work with you outside the company?*

    Why do you want to be a pet sitter"?*

    Resume, letter of recommendation, etc.
    Accepted file types are pdf, txt, doc, docx with a size limit of 2mb.


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